The Origin of the Name Sabah

in Sabah History

In the olden days people from Mindanao usually sailed in search of sea produce for trading purposes. In doing so they also look for new places as well as patrolling the areas which were known to them. One of the Investigating group reached Labuk. They were carried there by the current when the boat did not put up the sail. When they landed at Kuala Beluran they saw a big and strange looking banana tree. They called it “ Sabah”. The people later on returned home to Mindanao telling their chief that they found a new place with a strange “ Sabah” growing in it.

After the event, the prince of the Sultan of Sulu, Datu Badaruddin left batu-batu in the Philippines for the south because Sabah at that time was under the care of the Sultanate of Sulu. Upon his arrival at Labuk, Datu Badaruddin met the Chinese who had settled in the place. These Chinese people came to the place together with Ong Sum Peng.

The son of Badaruddin Datu Kamaruddin, married a Chinese princess in Kinabatangan. Their son Datu Nassaruddin moved over to Telaga, Bengkoka and married Mantaning (Menteleng). They had a son, Datu Harun, Who was the father of Datu Mustapha. This family made the name ‘ Sabah” to be well-known and when Datu Mustapha brought independence to this state through political struggle. North Borneo was officially renamed SABAH.

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