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Information and Journey to Mount Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu to National Parks (1 ½ to 2 hours drive) Arrive Registration Sabah Parks at 9.00am to 10.00am (10-20 mins registration time) Mt Kinabalu 2D/1N trekking starts from 10.00am to 11.30am. (depending early registration) All Climbers must be accompany by certified Mountain Guide All Climbers not permitted to proceed without Mountain Guide Mountain Guide has the final decision at all situation during trekking Mount Kinabalu or Stop climbers. exp: misbehavior and health condition (not suitable asthma condition) ALWAYS stay in a group Never get reckless or try to be a show-off Stay where you are if you are lost If unavoidable, be extra careful with your steps during the wet spell No red meat or heavy meal before climbing Noodles and eggs are recommended before the more challenging second ascent from Laban Rata Never sit or lay down on high altitude (just stand still) Cover your nose (and mouth) with a scarf in windy condition on high ground Make extra sure your feet and hands are warm and dry during the final ascent When descending, try to walk sideway if you are feeling the pinch Do not bring valuable items Fit Climber trekking duration (3 to 3 ½ hrs) from Timpohon Gate to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata) Not Fit Climber trekking duration (5 to 6 hrs) from Timpohon Gate to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata) Fit Climber trekking duration (3 ½ to 4 hrs) from Mesilau Trail to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata) Not Fit Climber trekking duration (4 hrs to 7 hrs) from Mesilau Trail to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata)

Mountain Hut facilities and Notes

Bring extra Malaysian Ringgit Cash and major Credit Card available at Laban Rata Rental warm jacket available at Laban Rata (RM10 – RM20.00 per Jacket) Bring extra warm clothing’s, socks, gloves, cap, headlamp, walking stick, small backpack with light weight, small bottle drinking water (sufficient water but not too much and heavy bottle) and camera There may be Water and Power rationing during peak seasons Laban Rata Resthouse OPEN 7.00am and CLOSE at 7.30pm (No Food available after 7.30pm) Laban Rata Resthouse staff will clear up Tables, Chairs, Utensils and Drinking Water Pot at 7.45pm – 8.00pm Not available for Hot Drinking Water Pot at 7.45pm – 8.00pm Convenient Counter Closed at 7.30pm (Selling Beer, Soft Drink, Chocolate Bar…etc) Laban Rata (Heated Rooms) Gunting Lagandan Hut (Non Heated Rooms) Location 100 meters away from Laban Rata Blanket, Bed, Bed Sheet, Extra Bed and Pillow provided Wake up at 1.00am and 1.30am to 2.00am to start climbing from SAYAT SAYAT GATE to proceed the summit. Descend from summit to Laban Rata for Breakfast Depart from Laban Rata from 8.30am and LATEST departure 10.00am (Estimate 3hrs to descend back to Timpohon Gate). Expect to arrive Timpohon Gate LATEST 2.00pm Last but not least… Safety Come First!!
Believe it or Not
Respect the mountain and ‘nature spirits’ even if you are a skeptic. When you need to relieve yourself, tell the “nature spirits” (say aloud) that may be lying on your path to give way to avoid offending them Don’t shout or make too much noise or you might disturb the “nature spirits” When lost, talk aloud to the “spirits” to “set you free” and apologize for anything that you might have done wrong. Never take what doesn’t belong to you from the Mountain – “Take nothing, leave nothing but your footsteps”
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